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About Us

Community College?

Because of the education system in India, not conducting Exams or evaluations of students upto 10th std, there are many dropouts & low mark scorers in 10th or 12th std and they are almost left out from the society. These young population needs more life coping skills like discipline, good manners and spoken English to some extent, basic computer knowledge, yoga and meditation etc. apart from technical skills.

We give equal importance and time to both Life Coping and Technical Skills. We give holistic education to make under privileged youths to be useful to the society and growth of our country.


Swami Vivekananda Rural Community College (SVRCC) Chennai is situated at numbal road, Velapanchavadi, Chennai near thiruverkadu on poonamalle high road or 3 km’s distance from sri ramachandra medical college, porur, chennai. We are affliated to Tamil Nadu Open University and follow the syllabus given by them.

Our Vision

Our Vision is to educate and arrange employment for a total of 1000 youngsters over the next five years from 2014 – 2019.

Our Mission

To reclaim School dropouts, who respresent the bulk of India’s prodigious youth power.
To equip economically disadvantaged youth to attain technical proficiency.
To Impart education that balances livelihood skills and value-based living.
To make responsible citizens out of youths who might otherwise become burden on society.

What We Do


About 70% of students have been placed in an decently paying industrial partner, in their chosen field. Some of the students were brave enough to venture out on their own

Joining of 3rd Batch Students:

About 112 Students Have Already Joined Our Diploma Courses for The Academic Year 2015-16